Olaplex is a brand that has been huge in the hair world since it came on the market in 2014. In a nutshell – it’s pretty much revolutionized hair bleaching and it has spawned decent amount of imitations. But what does Olaplex hair treatment actually do? Why is it so special?

Even though Olaplex hair treatment has become a well-known request among hairsalon clientele, its purpose still remains an enigma to them. Not a lot of people quite understand what Olaplex does and why it’s a regular part of so many hair pros arsenal.

Olaplex is a brand of hair products founded by Dean Christal and team of scientist among which Dr Craid Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly are the most credited for creating Olaplex hair treatment.

Olaplex contains a special active ingredient that can join up the broken bonds in hair.
It can be added to hair coloring products to minimize the damage or it can be used as a separate product as a repairing component.

Read on to find out what are the basic principles of Olaplex hair treatment and is it worth your time and money.

What exactly Olaplex hair treatment does?

There is quite a bit of science happening behind the Olaplex products. But let’s try to make it simple.

In order to grow, our hair follicles create many chemical bonds and one of the most important ones are keratin bonds.

But when we want to lighten our hair we have to use bleach – product which will break down the bonds responsible for giving our dark color.

However, at the same time bleach destroys other important bonds too, the ones which make our hair strong and healthy. That’s where the Olaplex hair treatment kicks in.

Unlike other hair treatments that work their magic (moisture and shine) just to the outer layer of your hair, Olaplex hair treatment works on the molecular level – inside out.

How exactly, you may ask?

Well, Olaplex is the complete solution thanks to this mighty molecule: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

What bleach breaks (including other damage like heat, chemical or mechanical) this molecule fixes. This restoration makes hair shinier, softer, stronger and overall healthier. That is the main reason why Olaplex hair treatment is recommended by almost every credible hairstylist.
Is Olaplex hair treatment only for blondes?
Olaplex hair treatment is not meant only for blondes – that’s a myth.

It’s literally for everyone who has damaged hair due to different reasons: stress, bleach, coloring, heat or has hair that is very thin, fine and breaks easily in general.

Olaplex is like water but for your hair – the more you use it, the healthier and more hydrated your hair gets. It works even for extensions and on all hair types, from coarse, curly to straight.

But we have to agree that this hair treatment is especially beneficial for blondes, as going lighter than your natural color involves weakaning your hair’s bonds, making it fragile and prone to breaking.

However, while Olaplex hair treatment is useful for colored hair, it can also help maintain the health of the virgin hair. Even non-treated hair can sustain environmental or thermal damage from overuse of curling wands and flatirons without proper heat protective sprays.

Can Olaplex hair treatment really help my hair?

Olaplex product range repairs the five most common types of hair damage:

  1. Treatmens with chemicals such as coloring, perms, relaxers or keratin
  2. Thermal damage from styling tools such as straighteners, curl wands and hairdryers
  3. Mechanical damage from styling hair harsly (tugging, brushing)
  4. Environmental damage like UV radiation, sun and humidity, salt water, pollution
  5. Reaction to lifestyle or physiological changes (age, stress, medical treatment, hormones)

Olaplex is a multi-faceted product which not only protects the hair from the styling process (whatever it may include), but it also prevents furthe and mends already existing damage.

Also, it is good to know that Olaplex range includes 7 products. Two of them are only available at the salons and other five products (hair mask, shampoo, oil, conditioner and styling cream) you can use by yourself at home.

Is Olaplex worth the money?

Many Hollywood movie stars including Jennifer Aniston swear by Olaplex hair treatment! A-listers, singers and entertainers in general are susceptible of hair damage due to agressive and frequent hairstyling. Now, with the Olaplex formula, frazzled ends, dry hair and other damage are not an option – Olaplex came in like a real superhero and saved the day!

However, that doesn’t mean that this ambrosia for the hair isn’t affordable to the ordinary people. Even if it’s not your common drugstore pick, it’s one hundred percent worth the investment in the long run.

Moreover, the healing properties of the Olpalex hair treatment are cumulative, meaning that hair gets stronger and more elastic with every use, transforming it to healthy, shiny mass that everyone envies.
Definitely worth it!

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